Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tonight´s fun in a new neighborhood.

Well, this evening was spent well. I´ve never seen such beautiful parts of the city! Great!


I rode the bus, all by myself. Though, I did get help on which bus to ride. #85, 65 or 15. I caught 65 to a street called something like Rividera. Nonetheless, I was on my way to Julieta #2´s house for dinner.

Along the way I passed through a park; I forget the name. But I was reminded of the PDA in this country!!! PDA, of course, means Public Display of Affection. IT IS EVERYWHERE! It´s wonderful! So many couples embracing one another in arms and hugs and kisses, everywhere. Especially in the parks. For sure! Park and PDA pix below:

Just outside this park:


Julieta #2 and I went to the grocery together to get some stuff. To make spagetti. And!!!!, in this market, I came across Jack Daniels! And woah, it´s more expensive here. To be expected, I suppose. All Argentine wine and beer is super, super cheap. Jack is like 99 pesos a bottle (750ml, a 1/5) which is about US$33. Woah.

After dinner, we met Julieta #1 in Palmer; a cool, cool area. It was beautiful!!! Many bars and restaurants and life! I really liked it, as do many Americans. So I heard. Apparently, this is where most Americans live when they live in BsAs (which I´m about to shorten to BA, as do the locals). It was/is super neato. I can´t wait to go back.

And it was in Palermo that I had my first Jack y hielo. Jack on the rocks, or Jack and ice or Jack and ONE ice here at Cronico Bar, which included posters of Kiss and more importantly, IRON MAIDEN! Sure, the one cube was large, but it was only one. We also ordered some of those huge beers I spoke of before. I still haven´t seen beers that are individual-sized. Or wait, ¨individual-sized for the norm¨. They are huge and shared.

My first Jack y hielo:
Friends (L: Julieta #2, R: Julieta #1):
Julieta #2:Julieta #1:No mas!:Hello:

After a relatively early night, we cabbed it to Julieta #1 and #2´s casa, then I walked home. I could and did find my way home. I´m at least learning some of the city!

Can I get a ¨what, what¨from my Potbelly folks??!?!?!:


  1. Matthew!

    As I'm about to leave on my own adventures, it's amazing to read about yours. Sounds like you're living the Matthew life in Buenos Aires, exactly as you should be! yay!! love!!!!


  2. Big Beer! Because sharing is caring...

    Question. Do you call Julietta #1/#2) Julietta numbero uno and numbero dos? ha!

    Miss ya!

  3. Jenny, where are you going?

    Yoshi, did you see the last picture on this post? I dedicate it to you and Ale and Les and Tracy and ESTER (especially!!!, you have to show her!).

    And sometimes I call them #1 and #2. Heh, hett.

  4. it must be windy...

    you can say

    Hoy, el viento esta fuerte!

  5. I am in NYC now, and then off to Egypt for about 2 weeks doing a music project thang...!


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