Saturday, January 3, 2009

More thoughts...

So in this little beach town, there are no stop signs. There are no stop lights. Every once in a while, there´s a divet in the road that requires most cars to slow down. Still, humans don´t have the right of way. Yikes.

Beers at bars, at least in Villa Gesell, are sold quite large. Normally you share among a few friends. They´re like 32 or 40 ouncers. When you buy this same beer (most popular so far: Quilmes), in the markets-stores, they´re like $1.25!!!! Sure they charge you 2 pesos (about $.65) for the bottle, but if you return the bottle on your next beer run, they refund it. They´re all about recycling these big ol´ bottles. Cheap, cheap. And it tastes purty darn good-like.

I haven´t seen Jack Daniels yet. But I know it´s out there. Hahahaa! I´ve met a few folks that also love Jack. That´ll make Yoshi happy.

Beach... you´ll never, ever see sooooo many soccer balls in your life on a US beach. It´s amazing! EVERYONE plays soccer. And we knew this, right? They love it! They set up mini fields with flip flops as goals, play two to five folks a side, and dominate the beach.

And you know what else? This game they call ¨Tejo¨which I think translates to hockey is also everywhere. Last night Julieta #2´s brother was playing air hockey, and they also called it Tejo. So maybe the term is pretty loose? It´s like Bocce (sp?) ball. You know, the game where you throw a small ball down the beach a bit, and they try to get your ball closest to it? Well, this is the same, except it´s played with small discs, and it´s within a little court drawn in the sand.

And, geez, tennis must be popular in Argentina. I say this because lots and lots of folks play paddle ball on the beach. And unlike in the states, everyone is amazing!!!! They often use tennis balls too. They´re good. I remember in Myrtle Beach trying to volley for more that like 10 or 15 smacks. Hahahahaaa! These folks volley fast and hard and forever! Hahaa! I can´t wait to find out that is tennis popular here. I´d love to play.

More later, of course.

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  1. I finally got to your blog. Yey!!!! Sounds like you are getting use to things. I will put some positive vibes out there for you, so that you find Jack, soon!! Miss ya!


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