Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Spanish classes! Brighter times.

(P.S. I added pictures to yesterday's post...)

Hola amigos!

Yesterday was my first day of Spanish school. It was tough. The class was a bit unbalanced. Luckily it was small, three students total, one from L.A. and one from Switzerland. They both spoke a lot of Spanish. Yikes. But!!!, mi profesor es muy hermosa! She's from Spain and was teaching us the "real" Spanish way to talk. If you don't know already, Buenos Aires has a slightly, sometimes more than slightly, take on the Spanish language. And I quite like it! I'm of course, learning the BA way more than "Latino" or Spanish (as in "Spain") way. I mean, all around me, I hear the BA way. I'm cool with that.

Oh you want an example? Well, "pollo" is chicken. In Spanish , it's "poy-yo". "Poy", like "boy". "Yo" like, "what's up yo!?" (At least, this is what I think. I'll let Quin or Yosh or Joe C. correct me.)

In Buenos Aires (not even Argentina really, but this city!!), they say "poe-show". Quite different. Double y's are totally different. And since, I've been hangin' and listening to BA folks talk, I do the same.

Here's another good example: "I". In "regular" Spanish, "Yo". Not quite, "yoy", like "boy". Here in BA, it's "cho" or kinda like "sho". It's a mix of those two. I think. (I'll let Julieta or Ivan correct me if I'm wrong.)

It's fun learning this BA way.

So, the class was a blast! I'll tell ya, it certainly helped boost my spirits. A lot. Funny, I only really learned stuff like: He is tall = El es alto; Tu eres = you are (formal... and in BA, instead of "Tu", it's "Vos"); Esto es un arbol = This is a tree; Yo say estado unidense = I am American (United States, of course... HECK, all these folks here are American too!!!); and a tad bit more.

And just this much helped a lot. At least in the spirits department.

Oh and by the way, you know things don't calm down here 'til quite late. I mean, it's 9pm and it feels like 7. Classes are at 9am. It takes me about 40 minutes by bus to get to school. Yikes.

Today's class was more balanced, experience-wise. It was also great! I learned days, dates, more numeros (those are tough), more adjectives, and stuff. Dig this: "Mi fecha de nacimiento es el siete do septiembre de mil novecientes setento y nueve." My birthday and year. Neato.


  1. I am happy that you liked your spanish class... you will get it in no time. and you pics are great, keep them coming.

  2. thanks Yosh. i´m glad you´re keeping up. makes me feel neato inside.


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