Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lease ends, new lease starts, but with 12 days in between.

Well, there you have it. My one month lease ends at my current location on Jan. 31st. Alas, I found a new place to live in Villa Crespo, just outside Palermo. We´ll be renting from another musician; a guitarist who´s leaving BA for a few months for gigs in NYC. Exciting, as playing in other cities and countries is. Again, it´s musicians supporting musicians (in case you forgot, my current roommates are also musicians).

The new place will bring new roommates and old friends. Well, they´re not that old. I´m older than them. These friends are from Chicago. Margot and Noah. Noah arrived to BsAs yesterday and it´s great having him around. He´s fun and funny. Margot will get here on Feb. 4th; she´s spent the last month in Nicaragua.

We won´t be able to move into our new place until Feb. 12th. And that´s no problem. There are plenty of hostels in the city to hang in for those, almost, two weeks. But wait!, why pay for hostels in BA, when we could just as easily pay for hostels somewhere else, like in another city or province or even country!

We don´t have any specific plans as of yet, but we are going to Uruguay. And we will hit some beaches there. We´ve heard they are beautiful. But we need to double check, see for ourselves. Jaajaaajajaaa! And that´s about all of a plan we have. Go there. Camp or hostel it. Beach or city it. Boat or bus it. Not fly it. It should be fun...


  1. 75 days 1 hour and 55 minutes we leave for Buenos Aires. Can we go can we go , huh huh, please please!!!! Have fun, love you bunches!!

  2. Hey! thats what i was gona say. You know Matthew, do you know how lucky you are to have ur peeps come visit you! I CAN"T WAIT! 74 days 3 hours and 10 min until we LEAVE. So put on our list, i know you are keeping track of my list..that we want to go to uruguay to check out these beaches for ourselves. This would be #2 on my list? do you remmber #1? If not please refer to my comment on last blog entry titled "you'd never believe how difficult it is to find spicy food"


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