Thursday, January 1, 2009

NYE, bus ride, Villa Gesell...finally.

Ok. Well, the tradition of mixing champagne and lemon ¨ice cream¨ (it´s more like Italian ice) went over well on the Golombisky palate. Yummy!

After dinner and drinks and stories and fun times, my new friends hopped a bus and headed to a street party... about 4am. Someone put some nice, big ol´ PA speakers in his windows and blasted dance music to the street. The crowd responded with dancing ´til the sun rose. A killin´marching band came through about 5:30am. They were great!!!!

Still attempting to get to the beach, I left the street party, picked up a few things from my place and headed back to Retiro (the bus station). This time, I was in luck and headed to Villa Gesell. I chatted with my bus riding neighbor, a very nice young lady and lawyer, Julieta (sp?) for about 15 minutes and then totally conked out for the whole bus ride, about 5 hours.

I didn´t know where I was going when I got to Villa Gesell. But no worries, Julieta offered that I come with her to meet her friend who was also vacationing. Julieta #2 (her friend) met us at the station, we walked to her house, and was greeted by a very kind family on vacation. They immediately made me sit down, drink fresh coffee and eat! Very kind!

After realizing that I didn´t and couldn´t find Darcy (a friend of a friend of a friend from Chicago) at the hostel, we decided to look at the beach for her. But hey, I´m not even sure what Darcy looks like!!!!

So instead, Julieta (1 and 2), Julieta´s sister and I went to the beach for the day. I had my first taste of the traditional ¨matte¨ (sp?) tea, which apparently is only shared between friends. Already, I was their friend. We were there for a few hours, just chatting.

Got some coffee and some ¨dulce con leche¨dessert. OMG YUMMY!!!! From Havanna.

Now I´m here: Danubino Hostel. Room #12. I need to probably take a nap since sleep has been very little. Then off to late dinner with new friends of friends of friends from Chicago, the ¨Darcy¨I seek.

After dinner, drinks with my new Argentine friends, matte sharers, and quite frankly, part saviours.
L to R: Fiorella, Julieta #2, Julieta #1
Much love to all those that read these posts. You read them cause you love me. And, I love you!



  1. mmmmm champagne!
    miss you!

  2. ahhhh... caro ¨line¨ i get it now. hahahhaa!!!

  3. Happy New Year and Kris, jae and I send our love and we miss you! I think this is going to be my new favorite hobby, reading your blog...I am going to live vicariously through you if you don't mind. Im very excited for you and im glad you are making new friends although i didn't have doubts for one minute that you wouldn't meet and become friends with the locals within the first day:) What is your apartment like? What is the time difference between east coast and you? Is it what you expected or did you go in not really have expectations? What does your roommate do? school work? Is it easy to get around, do you walk mostly or take taxi? Is everyone there nice and helpful or do you have to pick and choose? I hope if you plan on staying there for a while that maybe Kris and I will make a trip there, have to beg the boss for plane tickets:) How is the weather? Well, i think thats enough questions for now. Im very happy for you and i can't wait to read about the next adventure. Are you gonna be able to upload videos of your journeys? I would love to show jae where her uncle is living now!
    Much love,

  4. Paint the picture. I do know that you are 3 hours ahead of us, that's nice. I can "not call" but look at your blog and possible email in the morning and see an update. In Chicago and NO I usually had to wait an hours or so, too early, and then life got rolling and then it was too late. What time does the sun rise and set? Pictures are also the best!! Especially yours.

  5. Mathew!!! You are there. The anticipatory phase has been launched into an active "there" phase. You best find the words to describe your phases friend. You are not in Kansas any more and I don't know nothihg about Argentina.

    What bass do you have with you in Argentina?

    Your adventure to the beach sounded quite nice and the comopany you gained along the way sounded so nice.

    As you meet the souls in Argentina, remember there is no such thing as coincidences and all of you that come together will gain/learn something for each other. Even the brifest encounter can hold a large value. It is so cool that there are people out there still willing to invite travelrs into their homes.

    You are such a wonderful soul. I am so glad you are out there showing the world that not all the young men from America want to travel the world with guns and the power of the US military footing the bill. Spread the love and share the joy....

    Thanks for letting us share in your moments. I look forward to reading about your adventurous there phase!!!

    I trust your New Year will be Happy, Prosperous and unforgetable!!!!


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