Monday, January 12, 2009

No worries... I am alive.

I´ve had a rough couple of days... on the inside. Very rough. But alas!!!, I am alive. And will update you all after my first day of Spanish class. ...which starts in about 6 hours.

With fingers crossed, good night. Mucho love-o.


  1. yo dude. update before i leave, yeah?! cuz, i want to hear about how you are. otherwise, i might not hear for like 2 weeks. and i want to hear. cool? sweet.


  2. hi ya, glad to see you are BACK! your mom and I are gonna try and figure out a way for you to communicate via phone from there. I think between that and some spanish classes you will feel a lot better about the situation. Miss you and can't wait to hear this weeks adventures. Also, you should ask your teacher if he does or knows people that will help tutor for real sure there are people out there that would do it.


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