Monday, January 5, 2009

Organization, jog, grocery store, cooked meal, and back logged photos uploading.

(P.S. I´m now able to upload photos/videos. I´m also applying them to old blog posts as they relate. Feel free to back track to catch up! You can also find them on my Facebook page.)

Well, last night was pretty calm. I finally had a moment to upack, pack and organize a tad. I also went for a run... a much needed and enjoyed run through some part of town. Not sure where exactly, but I did find a park.


I also got to do some reading (recommended by John Grinnell; Beyond Culture by Edward T. Hall), practicing, composing and recording of some introspective musical ideas via acoustic bass guitar via thoughts of past love and then sleeping. Still, I have no watch so I´m not sure what time it is/was.

This morning I woke up thinking that I might be able to start my Spanish school today, but to no avail. I signed up too late, but I did call to make sure next Monday was cool. It is. But first I had to take an online Spanish placement test. Here´s the thing: it´s multiple choice! So I´m bound to get a few right, even though all my answers should be, ¨ummm, I have no idea.¨ That really should be option e)?

This morning I also planned out the rest of the day: buy groceries and a watch. I didn´t get a watch, but I did get groceries. And umm, well, it was interesting. I can recognize fruits and veggies, those look the same as they do in the states; so I did get a bunch of those. Oh, and I got some olives. At my really, really close fruit/veggie stand, I didn´t understand what the lady was saying when she told me the price. So I just opened my hand with a bunch of coins in it, and let her dig through until she was happy. Hahahhaaaa! Those numbers confuse me unless they´re like ¨uno, dos,¨ thru 10.

And let´s see, I went to four different stores slash markets and this is what I got:

3 tomatoes, two beautiful peaches, a huge red pepper, lots of fresh garlic, jar of olives, olive oil, some tupperware, 6 or so bananas, a can of peas, some wheat crackers, some veggie-wheat spagetti noodles, a yellow onion, a few big ol´ Granny Smith apples, and .... I think that´s it. Grand total: 40 pesos. US conversion? About 13 bucks. Lovely.

Quick thought, or have I told you already? My French skills (there´s a joke) are coming back to me! Lots. It´s only been about 12 years since I´ve really thought about much French, but I do try to answer folks with French phrases here. And then I say, oh wait, that´s French and they´re speaking Spanish. oops. The same thing happens with German, but not as much. Funny. One good side of this is that I´m learning that French and Spanish are very similiar... looking. I´m not sure if they really sound alike. I think not, but I´ll be a better judge once I start learning more Spanish.

So, after the stores, I came home to make dinner. And I must say, I´m still a USAer because it was only about 6:30pm. Yep, I ate really, really, really ¨early¨.

Dinner, you say? Well, I couldn´t really tell what would be a good red sauce (spagetti sauce) at the store, so I decided to try and make my own. Fresh tomatoes, garlic, peppers, onions (fresh mushrooms are absent to me thus far) with my veggie noddles. It was yum.

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