Friday, January 16, 2009

Glass of cab sauv, yes, right now. Si, son las tres y media!!! Por que?!

Yes, I´m having a glass of cab sauv right now. ¨It´s 5pm somewhere.¨ Yes, I put a few ice cubes in it. It´s 89 degrees here! And maybe hotter in my apartment. Estoy mucho calor pero soy alegre!!!

I´m celebrating my first week of Spanish school. I deserve it! Yayyy! Oh, and yes, I know what the name of my wine means, Los Arboles... the trees.

Oh, someone just called. They were looking for Ivan, my roommate. I said he´s not here. I understood that this caller asked if he was at work. I said no. After that, he lost me, but whatever. More and more and more, yo entiendo. And that´s great!

This wine is yummy. Really yummy. And really, really expensive! It´s Argentine, si. 15 pesos for the bottle. Know the math? Yep, you got it, just under $5.

And today, I met Jordan, a friend of Leah´s in Chicago. They went to college together and he´s from Cali. He´s lived in BA for 3 1/2 years and owns a burrito shop, California Burrito Co., near Florida St., which is also near school. And the food is great! Great homemade guac. The topper for me though... fresh arugula! Never thought of putting arugula in a burrito before, but I certainly will now. Dee-lish.


  1. I never would have taken you for a "wino". I can hear it in your entries that this week has been a much better week for you. Happy happy to "read" it. We haven't chatted, it's been crazy here and today VERY COLD!! 32 NOW feels like 24, with the wind. YIKES!! Love you. Remember Penny Talk!

  2. well, i must say mom, ¨when in Rome!¨ the wine here is amazing. i´m sure you´ve had lots of wine from Argentina, no? for Mendoza? you must have. it´s popular in the states.

    lots chat tomorrow! tonight, i´m meeting with other folks at my school for an official school field trip.... but to a bar.


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