Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Smiles to you.

Smiles to all of you.

Being away makes me think a lot. I have a lot of time in my head... to think.

And, right now, I am spending my time thinking of all of my friends and family, and thinking about how much I do love you.

You all are great! I miss you,... but I smile. I love playing music with you, chatting with you, doing nothing with you, skiing with you, spending holidays with you, touring with you, venturing in the night with you (for hours and hours on the highway), doing and doing with you all.

Love all ya´ll (yep, I grew up in the south!, and we WILL NOT rise again. sorry... wait?... alTHOUGH, we did rise again, didn´t we? We went blue this past election! NC went BLUE!!!!! Ay Dios Mio!!!!).

Point being: thank you for you and I think of all of yoos guys. Buenos noches.

Random pic of the night, of the past, entitled, or at least, at the moment, entitled:

¨Reflect., even on the absolute terrible.¨
(below: lower 9th ward, NOLA, post-Hurricane Katrina)


  1. I was told by a very intuitive woman, Suzanne Hidore, wrap your arms around it, take a deep breath and walk through it, together. Smart lady.

  2. This has been so much fun to read! A vacation somewhere doesn't allow you to absorb this much detail about a place. It's so neat that you can be free to take it all in. I hope your studies and submersion in the culture allow your lines of communication to open rapidly!


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