Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Thoughts during a midnight run.

I assume it´s safe to start a jog at 12:30am. My roommate once mentioned the neighborhood to be a safe one.

It´s like the next Wicker Park, but like 10 years ago, I think.

Or Brooklyn, 5 years ago, I think.

Or Marigny, 10 years, I think.

In any case, the last two nights included late night runs. Lots of other folks are also out jogging. I mean, it is like 32 degrees Celsius out during the day (aka, 91 degrees Fahrenheit). Currently, at 1am it´s 81.

With the humidity, it really does remind me of New Orleans. And oh, how I´ve been missin´ the NOLA weather. For some reason, I´ve been yearning for that hot, humid air. Well, I´ve got it now. But I must say, I also enjoy this weather lots more when I don´t have to work, dress up, or do many productive things. There.

Back to the night/wee-mornin´ on hand... my place has no A/C. All the windows are open. It´s nice, once again, if you don´t have to run around. I don´t. Though, I do hear all the other apartments´happenings.

On my way downstairs, I overheard the Family Guy theme!!! Hahaha, I didn´t stick around to hear the Spanish overdubs, but I can imagine them. Also, on my way out, I noticed that my downstairs neighbor built some sort of above-ground pool in their livingroom! I kid you not! The frame is made of, what looks like, PVC pipe, and it´s about 2 1/2 feet deep and about 5´by 8´feet in width/length. Their little daugther was swimming in it, watching TV. Good thing they´re on the first floor!!!! I wanted to try and sneak a picture, but thought it´d be rude. Unless of course, I didn´t get caught.

So, the run was nice. Many folks sitting in arranged seating on the sidewalk, enjoying a late night dinner, beer, or coffee from the locals spots. Lots and lots of parents taking kids out for some Italian ice, hangin´with parents on their Quilmes runs.

And on the other hand, in some parts of my neighborhood, though I do this all the time, I really have to pay attention to the few feet ahead of me. ...lots un-scooped doggie poo. So far, I have avoided the accidental step-age, followed by the cursing and scrape-age. Though, I´m sure I´m not immune. My time will come. And when it does, I´ll be sure to let you know. Jajajajaaa! (Spanish version of ¨Hahahahahaa!¨)

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  1. this is awesome matt. much respect for doing this. will keep following..


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