Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dog poop and soy milk.

Really? Really. Why won´t people pick up their doggies´poop? It´s everywhere. I find it odd and icky. And it´s not like dogs poopin´ in the grass; no, it´s on the sidewalk! Like in the middle of high traffic, busy sidewalks. Strange. Cultural thing, I guess? No se. Maybe I´ll have an Argentino tell me about? If I learn more, I´ll share.

This is also funny (though dog poop on the sidewalk isn´t what I would call ¨funny¨, so I´m not sure why I said, ¨This is also funny.¨ Anyway...). Buenos Aires is not the cleanest place in the world, by far. It´s also not the dirtiest.

(Let me also say that I´m pretty spoiled. I live/d in Chicago and for being such a populated city, Chicago´s pretty darn clean. Really clean. I would argue that Chicago totally kicks New York City´s butt in cleaniness. Keeping trash in alleys is the way to go! But yes world, Portland, Oregon is rated cleanest city in the states.)

But also dig, getting up early in the morn and commuting to school, I see a much cleaner side of BA. City workers are out and about cleaning the streets. Folks are spraying portions of the sidewalk outside their business (which I find a waste of water). etc.

The other night though, I noticed something ironic. A truck with a high pressure washer was going around cleaning the public trash bins located around the city, elevated on these posts. I was like, woah, they´re cleaning the trash bins? Craziness. This one observed worker emptied out most of the trash from one bin and sprayed it down. When spraying though, large chunks of excess trash came hurling out on the street. Did he pick it up? No. He finished CLEANING the bin, but left the trash in the street. Hmmm... interesting.

Oh, did I mention there´s dog poop everywhere?

And I´ve been looking. Looking long and hard (that one was for you, Michael Scott). For.... soy milk! And I found some at a ¨Disco¨ (please start dancing...) Dancing? No? Well start!!!!

(...insert dancing here....)

The grocery store is called Disco. There are lots of them. Isn´t that funny and exciting? ...that they´re called DISCOs!!! It is funny. (insert chuckles here...) Anyway, the brand is Ades, and today, I had it for the first time. And you know what? It is delicious! (and P.S. click that included link. It´s really funny!)


  1. First, I will never question when the act of picking up our dog poop was enacted. Obviously, we nipped that in the bud before it was too late. Maybe there's a market for dog poop bags!! Sha Shing!!!! $$$$

    The add, I'm assuming for the soy milk, is really out there.

  2. BUT! Mom, folks would actually want to pick up their dog poop for there to be a market for dog poop baggies.



  3. P.S. I´ll tell where there´s a market: a burrito shop.

    Burritos are impossible to find here, but lots of folks want them; locals and expats. INCLUDING THIS ONE!

  4. Matt, it's so nice to read up on how you're doing! We miss your spirit at work, but it's cool to see all the Spanish you're learning already, and how tan you've gotten! :) Buena Suerte!

  5. so im catching up with your blog today, very busy work week last week and we were quite busy this weekend, no complaints tho! I am glad to see hear that you are becoming more accustom to being there and discovering yourself and the culture's uniqueness (dog poop everywhere). jae kris and i send our love and we miss you. Keep adventuring and don't forget to live laugh and love


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