Monday, January 12, 2009

Rollercoasters can be fun... if they're at a theme park.

Okay, well, to get back to my previous post and weekend notes:

Saturday night, after a really fun day at a pool party with new friends of friends; Darcy, John, Kelsey y more, I was visited by some down, down, down time, inside, emotionally, that is. There were many thoughts and physical reactions to some emotions; most of these I will spare you.
Pool party:

But I realize one thing: I like people. I like to talk to people. To interact. It's something I enjoy. A lot. If you know me, you probably know this to be true. And in case you can't imagine, here in Argentina, I'm not really able to talk. Not much. I can't speak Spanish. And when conversations engage, they are very long with little information gathered and little content exchanged. Most simple sentences proceed around one per minute. Where's there room for quick wit and smartie-pants Golombisky (that's me)? Not much. Not much room at all. I've realized that most of my recent conversations have been with myself. And sure, I'm a purty darn good at self-entertainment. Let me tell ya! 'Tis true. But, it's been almost two weeks since I've really talked.

Here's another situation: I'm homesick. And I really, really would love to talk to someone I love; family, friends, anyone. I can't. I'm still not sure how to dial out. Don't even know if my house phone can dial USA anyway. And if it can, I couldn't use it. I don't have cell phone access. Damn it!

I can't talk to my peeps. Rough, rough. And rougher now. I have survived this much. But combined with my need to talk, and my need to say hello to folks back home, I think I deserve this luxury, at least a tiny bit and at least by now in my travels. Si? Si. (I hear in my head right now: "NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!" or in my case, "NO ORANGE FOR YOU!!!!" or "NO TALK FOR YOU!!!!")

That Saturday night I had some long chats in my super f'ing hot apartment (something else that feeds my physical craziness). Many thoughts were charted and discussed; mostly sad or dark. Again, I will spare you. But here's a blog I started late, late Saturday night:

"There are times. Of up and down.
These times are down.
The times right now.

It´s hard. You know, this trip, vacation, adventure, whatever you´d or I´d like to call this thing I´m doing, has been quite a ride so far. It´s interesting. It´s very, very interesting. I came here to get away a bit. Or to slow down. And/or to sort out my brain and come back fresh and upbeat. Or to something.

And I´m here. And I´m learning. I´m learning about myself. Let me preface it:

I talk a lot. I like people. I don´t mind brand new situations; a party where I know no one, a town I´ve never been to or played in, etc., etc. I like them. I can make new friends. I find some happiness through knowing that I can interact with humans. It makes me feel human, I guess. I usually use an old, old form of communication to achieve that interaction: talking.

Here, I cannot talk. There are several broken conversations. They are here and there. With my new friends. But it´s tough to meet folks alone, outside them. At the local bar. In the coffee shop. It´s harder. ..."

I stopped, not feeling the relief I normally get from writing.


And there's Sunday, the next day. I woke up pretty early to meet Julieta #2 to head out to Tigre, which is a really nice little area outside the city. On the way, we strolled through another super cute and cool section of BsAs (which I will now shorten to BA, as do the locals) Canitas. Love it there too, like I do Palermo.

And while I had #2 with me, I wanted to pick up a phone card, something I could call home with. And I'm glad she was there to help. Folks don't speak English here very much. We got one. Now, I wouldn't be stuck without communication again. You realize, I have yet to make my first call to the states!

Then we hoped aboard very, very crowded train to Beccar. There we met #2's boyfriend, Alberto. He has a car. Sweet!
Alberto y Julieta #2:
Ice cubes:
Well, this area is beautiful! Full of trees. And houses, not big apartment buildings. And it's super clean. I can hear birds. My, oh my, did I need this calm, or what?! Calm. Not what. I needed the calm. Delightful! It really lifted my spirits. Then we headed to Tigre, which is on a river. Lots of tourists this time of year, especially on a sunny Sunday during the summer. We went to a really nice art museum with several Argentine artists, most popular Benito Quinquela Martin, and my favorite Luis Aquino. Walked more. Through an open-air market, aka flea market. It was huge.

(notice: "Tea o'clock")

Happy, high emotions on the fade away about this time. And sometimes, it's hard to turn off. Brink of tears, you ask? (Answer like a man? Or a sensitive man? hmmmm.... Okay, yes, brink of tears....)


During the hang, I caught rumor that Alberto might drive us home. That way, I wouldn't have to suffer through another tourist-ridden, overcrowded train ride home. And I especially didn't want this in this mental/emotion state. Just at that moment, Alberto hits a curb. I hear hissing. I try to say, ummm, stop. We stop. He's a tad confused. I try to explain that one of his tires just popped. Well, I had to get out of the car and show. There was the gash. Yikes. There was lots of Spanish back and forth between #2 y Alberto. I didn't understand. They got back in the car. I followed. Maybe we were headed to his mechanic or shop right around the corner? More driving. Wobbling ensures. We have to stop. More Spanish. Wait!!!, are we going to have to ride that train back instead?!?!?! NOOO!!!

I signal for a spare tire. We eventually understand one another, and I change his tire in about 3 minutes. Sweet. They were super impressed. Thanks Dad! My hands now have that wonderful grease color, smell and feel to them. I feel like I'm in Hillsborough working on my GTO.

We get that ride home. Yes!

And I get to call home! Double yes!

P.S. Mom and Amanda researched and found out about Penny Talk. I'm not entirely sure about it. Visit the link. BUT!, now my mom has a special number she uses to call me. It's three cents a minute! A steal. Later that night, mucho late, I get a call from my mom!!! Sweet deal. Thanks mom!

P.P.S. I have a lot to say right now.... like after my first day at school. And loads of pix to upload, but must run. Check back!


  1. I loved the car ride back story..i too am grateful for your father whom instilled many car fixin tactics in both you and your brother. so happy you diddn't have to ride that horrific train back. glad you had a much better day. i will have to clarify that i didn't take part in the research on pennytalk, your mom got all the info pretty quick, i was gonnahelp today if i found anything. so happy to hear that you guys spoke last night though, i know she is super happy to be able to help you in any way she can. same goes for me. Well, have a good laugh love and breathe!

  2. You should have been an architect. You still can! You have always been intrigued with architecture and it truly shows in your photography. The homes are beautiful and what's with the little one with the tea pots, "oversized" tea pots in the front yard? is that where Alice and Wonderland lives? Keep Smiling.

  3. Another good calling card place is OneSuite (dot com), which I used to use when I needed a calling card. email me your number and maybe I can use it to call you! They're also cheap, and their website is good.

    You're living a big adventure, and it's fantastic. It's going to be rough, but it takes a lot of courage to do what you're doing (living there and not knowing the language — YET). Remember that and let your chest puff out in a más macho kind of way.

  4. Mom, the tea pot place was an actual tea house. super cute. i think you have to ride a long slide though to get service.

    Joe, thank you!!! and thanks for keeping in touch. chest pointed.


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