Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mom's visit, Day One.

Hello readers. I know it' s been quite a long time since my last blog. I do apologize. The last two weeks have been most exciting, and most "exciting". For starters, my mom and sis-in-law came visited me here in Buenos Aires. We'll begin there:

Mom and Amanda arrived on April 15th at 9 in the morning. I wanted to pick them up from the airport to save them the hassle that I endured upon landing in a country will no native language skills whatsoever. But in order for me to get to the airport (quite far from my place), I would have needed to take this bus, that bus, this shuttle, and such. I would have had to wake up around 6am and spend around $50 pesos to get there. Then we'd need to spend about $100 pesos to get back to my place. Well, Juge made a wonderful suggestion: hire a driver. We did, but wouldn't that be really expensive?

Oscar was his name and he was such a sweet little older man. He picked me up at my front door, speaking no English, and we headed off; successfully picked up the family and went back home, costing me all of $120 pesos. Amazing! Lesson learned, call a "remis"! Heck, call Oscar. I'd certainly pass his number along. We used him time and time again.

This has been a tough time in "renting an apartment in BsAs". Noah, Margot and I have been having problems with our living situation and the height of the confusion and turmoil was at its peak around this time (so I thought... it got worse), during my mom's visit.

Plans: as soon as mom and Amanda arrived I wanted to show them how to make homemade empanadas. But dealing with apartment issues were abound. Well, I finally decided that I was not going to be stopped! We rushed to the supermarket, got some tapas and roast; to my local veggie stop, got some tomatoes, red peppers, etc.; to my laundry lady, got some clean blankets for the family. Rushed home. Made some yummy, yummy empanadas.

I rushed to a job interview and let mom and Amanda check out Caballito. Then we headed downtown to exchange their US dollars. But we ALL left our passports at home!!! And you need your passport to exchange. So, no money for us. Well, that's not entirely true. I had money. Not tons, but some.

Met Juge in Puerto Madero, walked around. Checked out the "pink house" where Presidente Kirchner "works". We saw her take off in her helicopter too. She left work early, it was around 3pm. Hence, "work". Walked, and walked more.

Showed them San Telmo. Mom had her first mate from a little shop owner in the market in San Telmo. Showed them lots of pieces of meat. Lots and lots.

Mom and Amanda's first "bondi" experience:

To see more photos of this first day, click:


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