Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Here's what I remember.

I remember thinking, after I finally arrived in this country, on my insane journey into almost complete unknown, "oh my, these folks don't speak the same language as me."

Then a few months later, I'm told, "your Spanish is really improving." "Nah," I say. But it's true, it is. I must realize, I've had three weeks of formal classes in Spanish. Total. Ever in 29 years of life. Yes, "having" 29 years. But I've lived here, and that makes me hard on myself.... like, "why aren't I totally fluent already?"

Well, Spanish is hard. Harder than I thought. BUT!, I did go to a job interview yesterday where the employer spoke in Spanish. And though he said, "stop me if you don't understand" (in Spanish), I decided to let him go. Vamos! Ramble on! And you know what? I think I caught 70% of it. Sure, in the lacked 30%, he could have said, "hey listen grasshopper, you're an idiot and if you agree to eat this job, I'll roast your toes for lunch and make whoopie in your cheese," I wouldn't have understood. But I'm 70% confident he did not say that. I mean, that would be a really, really odd thing to say in an interview, right? (I doubt myself in oddness these days, so bring reality to the forefront if you're capable. POR FIII!!!!)

Certainly one of the reasons I moved here, opposed to a French or German speaking country, is because I have NO experience with learning this language. And indeed, I didn't really KNOW French or German, but I had some knowledge and had studied both of them. And sure, I knew 7 words in Spanish before I moved here. But the challenge was being somewhere with a brand new language for me. Yippie! And yikes.

Alas, Spanish will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine. It has to be. And not just Spanish Spanish, but Argentine Spanish, which in many ways is quite different. Of course, Spanish speaking folks from wherever can understand one another, I'm interested in this dialect most. Why? Well, ummm, I live here. And will be back here. And need to talk to people who also live here. Said and done... (mostly).

Random, surfacing thought of the moment: Riding behind a 4-wheeler with a "ski rope" through the sand dunes of Villa Gesell on my bum for Easter vacation is fun!

P.f'ing.S. My mom and sis-in-law arrive tomorrow for a fun-filled vay-kay. They get to see my life down SOUTH!!!! SOUTH, SOUTH, SOUTH! I am totally ecstatic! Updates, pictures, and fun-ness from the visit will be displayed and reported here. And only here. Look out!

Chau! Besos!

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