Saturday, March 21, 2009

Not for children.

You know I had a really funny dinner the other night, with a “porteño” family; father, mother, sisters. (“porteño”? See: folks that inhabit this city.) My Spanish is still so far from anything worth writing home about, but luckily for me, like in most recent situations, their English is far better than my terrible Spanish.

But here’s the new topic, after a little wine, yummy pizza, and laid back chatter: bad words. In English. Curse words. They know several! And because English isn’t their native language, these words have little meaning to them. At least, true meaning. They’re just sounds, words that they vaguely understand the deep context of. I’m not saying, they don’t understand their meaning, mostly, I’m just saying, it ain’t their native tongue so there’s a distance there; between them and these word’s meaning.

Here are the sound bites, transcribed to “paper” of course, that ensued over the next several minutes:

(Oh and first, this is rated R. Or maybe rated, “I can’t believe I’m actually posting this”. Kids, turn and walk away, there’s nothing for your innocent ears here.)


(I can’t stop laughing at this point; maybe I’m blushing too?)

Shit fuck slut.

(And yes, I decide to join in, just a little.)


(and last but not least, my favorite, de Papa…)


P.S. Thanks for the kick in the tush Jenny.

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  1. ahhhhh!! why did shit fuck slut go together?

    i'll give you a kick in the tush anytime. i like reading about your travels. so keep it coming, please. :)


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