Thursday, March 5, 2009

Things not to forget about Uruguay.

(crazily written... stream-of-consciousness taken word-for-word from thought-from-memory journal entry of Uruguay; translated a tad for a slightly easier read.)

Colonia: is amazing. Met Aussie Jackie as we're getting into our Thrifty rental Chevy Corsa. She joins us in Punta del Este at hostel after Andrea heads back to Montevideo.

Montevideo: Picked up Andrea in Monte from her Spanish school and from the short time there, I realize I want to spend lots more time there. Rental car was genius. Montevideo!!! Red Hostel. Horse-drawn trash collector. UR folks drink even more mate than AR folks. Counted 1 out 7 at one point in time while strolling the streets. (P.S. I just bought my first bag of mate and had some in the comforts of my home... it's yummy.)

Punta del Este: "Conrad Girls." Had "paella" (pronounced: "pah-eh-sha") seafood gumbo at HOP in Este. Dinner ended at 2am. Margot and Andrea get carded at Moby Dick... 1st time ever in South America. They didn't have IDs. We went to Soho. Danced at Soho. Tight, tight. Too many people standing around on the dance floor. Hard for us to move.

Waves at Bikini Beach kicked Andrea and I's ars! I had so many colorful little rocks and shells in my trunks, it was a bit crazy. Bumper sticker ads.

Route 10 from Este to Diablo: had to cross a river w/ the craziest ferry, only held 3 cars and was powered by a tiny boat tied to its side. Free.

This route stayed unpaved for miles and this countryside along the beautiful coastline made me so excited!! I want to to know how much land is!! These (all over) super cool, square, windowed beach houses inspire the architect in me. A LOT! I love them.

Jose Igancio: most beautiful, perfect beach so far; little getaway town; $$$; beautiful peeps; best ocean experience ever.

Punta del Diablo: tiny little fishing town w/ very small fishing boats, amazing house rental for us (no HOSTEL!!!!), square, windows, feels like I'm outside w/ all of them open. Diablo seems like a cheaper place to hang at the beach; can't believe same of these "houses" but lots are still super adorable. No ATM. Had to go to Chuy.

Chuy (the last city before Brasil): got searched by UR police on return to Punta del Diablo 'cause we were so close to Brasil; cracked-out mate drinking guy tried to help us park; Noah not allowed in supermercado shirtless, gets one of Margot's.

Lost outlet adapter so phone, iPod, and camera are dying. Dang it. Bicycling on the highway seems dangerous. $ conversion: about 26UR$ to 1 US$.

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  1. you have good time. But we wish you don't catch sunburn during all these time to the beaches.


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