Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Once you accept you live...

Once you accept you live here or anywhere, life is different. Eventually you realize, it's your life. Your "regular" life. And that doesn't seem very interesting. Which is terrible, I know. I couldn't imagine a blog about the great city of Chicago because I lived there but it would be super interesting to many. I didn't always see or discuss the beauty of Chicago with the world. Because, well, I lived there. And the same is happening here... I live here. Sure, sooooooo many things are still interesting and different here, different from the states. But it's becoming, and is, more natural. And I forget, it's not for you. It's odd and different and/or interesting for you. Or at least, most of you. I've slipped into the "regular" life here. And I say that with caution... I am still no where near fluent in Spanish and I still cannot understand most conversations! NO ENTIENDO!!!!! But the lifestyle, or at least, my lifestyle, here has become. It is. I grocery shop in the few same stores I have; stores that would be odd for you stateside folks, but that are "normal" for me; now. Odd. Walking. Streets. Ahhhhh! I've adjusted. I needed to be reminded that you don't know this world. And this world is so interesting and worth bloggin. It is.

And I've fallen.

And yes, I've had some wonderful cocktails tonight, after some homemade "Philly cheese steak sandwiches". Yummy! ...Jui agrees.


  1. come on, fallen! from what, off your chair? hahahahhahha

  2. Matthew,

    I understand what you mean. When I first moved here to the Philippines, there were so many "new" things to write about. Now that I have been living here 15 months, and getting used to live here, I have to work just thinking about things to write about.

    thank for visiting my site, maybe my articles will trigger things you can write about in Argentina.

    Take care.

  3. Oh, please. WE all know what "fallen" means.
    He's finally had his man date.
    'About time.

  4. Was this entry an excuse as to why you're never going to write anymore entries?



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