Thursday, March 5, 2009

I wonder if I've done anything worth posting.

And the consensus is "yes". Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I'm not entirely sure I've done many interesting things for others to read about. Sure, my life has been entirely interesting and exciting, but for you? Not sure.

Margot, Noah, and I had a house warming party. Homemade empanadas, guacamole, salsa and sangria included. Great fun!

I've been looking for a job. Yikes. I mean, I certainly do need one... money is hitting low.

I can't stop cooking! Everyday, I have something so wonderful. Lately, I've been making some of the best sandwiches and pizzas I've ever had! They are delicious and amazing.

I've been ldoing ots of everyday, living and surviving things. Cooking, eating, exercising, walking, grocery shopping, emailing, thinking, writing, practicing, running, breathing, creating, dodging, sleeping, waking, absorbing, etc-ing.

I've ridden some rollarcoasters in the last couple of weeks. Not real ones. Metaphorical ones. That's been both fun and a bit insane. Overall? Fun.

I'm still enjoying beautiful summer weather. Sunshine, heat, breeze and all.

And. I'm still alive. Yayyyy! If you have any questions, just ask. I'll spill guts.


  1. very cool. and definitely yes. are you doing any gigs?

  2. I think you're doing more than you're telling us!@#$%^&*() Of course, I'm only your mom how would I know. I love YOU, all of YOU!

  3. I found your site through Expat Blog. I am an American Expat living in Davao, Philippines.
    I enjoy reading about the lives of other expats and see the similarities or differences on our lives.
    I enjoyed your photos and the looking for job. With the over population here, it is hard to find a job with wages higher then enough to buy a weeks food.
    For now I will blog, read and hang out at air conditioned mall.
    I hope you will visit my site and leave a comment to know you were there.
    Enjoy your life, it is the only one we have.


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