Friday, February 6, 2009

I have absolutely fallen in love.

Yesterday, Margot, Noah, and I left BsAs one a ferry. But like a semi-high tech ferry; comfy, reclining seats and TVs (showing some silly circus act with trampolines and fire spinning), etc. There are two ferries that go between BsAs and Colonia, Uruguay (our first destination on this one week Uruguay costal tour). One ferry, three hour trip; another ferry, one hour trip. The three ferry is cheaper, but it was booked up. We opted for the fast ferry, rapido! I mean, it was only like $7 more expensive.

We arrived around 7:30pm. The short walk to our hostel, El Viajero, excited us a tad. After we paid for two nights (at $15 a night!!!!), dropped off our bags, we headed out for a wonderful, long sunset. Now, I was totally excited to be here. Oh my, the views!

Colonia, Uruguay is one of my most favorite places! I love it! It´s cute; adorable! Anywhere and everywhere you turn in the old section of town is worthy of a picture. (But because this computer and connection is sooooo slow and unreliable, I won´t be able to upload pictures... soon enough though.) The sunset was beautiful. It´s interesting to note that because the way Colonia is situated in this cape/bay, it´s one of the only places on the east coast of South America that you can get a sunset over the water. It was beautiful. It is beautiful. You can also see the skyline of BsAs from Colonia. The sun sets just over the skyscrapers...

And it´s pretty darn queit. I didn´t realize how much I needed the quiet after living in BsAs for a month (or more). BsAs is extremely noisy, in most places. It is a huge city afterall. But this tranquil feel, here in Colonia, immediately relaxed me. And forced me to fall in love with this little city.

Lots and lots of scooters and little motorcycles...

Let´s get some stats on Colonia del Sacramento (the full name):
Population: 21,000. Founded in 1680. We did read that Uruguay has a 98% literacy rate!!! The whole country has 3.5 million folks.

Wikipedia has a few things to say further. ¨According to Transparency International, Uruguay is the least corrupt country in Latin America (along with Chile), with its political and labor conditions being among the freest on the continent. The word, Uruguay, comes from the Guarani language, meaning ´river where the painted birds live´.¨

Gotta run for now. Thanks for reading! Check up on more interesting facts on Uruguay. It´s a pretty neato place.


  1. I am glad that you are loving Colonia... can't wait for the pics... Tell Margot that I miss her..

  2. I make you a bet this is the place where he FINALLY gets himself a MAN-date and gets laid!
    Can't wait for the details! Oh, and can't wait for the body photos.


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