Wednesday, December 31, 2008


So after some snow, ok lots of snow, in Toronto (yes, I flew to Toronto from RDU to get to South America), I´ve landed in Buenos Aires. I took a cab from the airport to my new apartment.

Random cars parked on the side of highway, like off the highway 20-40 feet, just hanging out. Odd.

Arrived and met my new roommate, Ivan. He speaks a tad of English. Luckily for me, we can talk. And make sense to one another, for the most part.

I tried to get to the bus station in time to make it to Villa Gesell, but hey, so was everyone else. So the buses were full. Very full. But!, Ivan invited me to his family´s place for dinner and a NYE hang. It´s nice. My first Argentine meal. GREAT WINE! Different meat. But yum!

So far ...impressions. It´s not clean here. At least not the places I´ve been, but heck, I haven´t been to a lot of places yet! There are random, sick, poor little puppies (dogs, really), all over the place. I feel really bad for them. Quite sad.

It´s hard to find the ¨at¨ symbol on this keyboard. Well, I mean, I found it, but I couldn´t figure out how to make it happen. It´s on the 2 key, but beside the 2, not above it. CTRL-ALT-2. That´s how you do it.

Okay, we´re going out now. I´m not sure where, but it´s with my local roommate, so I think it´s all good.

I plan on trying for another one of those buses to the beach early, early in the morning.

and..... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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